Asset Management

  • Aircraft Audit
  • AP Aviation conducts several aircraft audits, from mid-lease inspections to pre-purchase inspections. Each type of audit can, if required,be tailor-made. The audits include a review of the aircraft records and a physical survey of the aircraft. The aim is to provide the client with a clear and objective view of the Aircraft’s technical condition.

  • Record Management
  • AP Aviation provides a comprehensive records review and management service, involving the accurate scanning and secure storage of historical aircraft and engine records, giving clients full access to computerized data. AP Aviation ensures that all records are present and meet the applicable regulations and the client’s specific requirements.

  • C & D Check Management
  • Repossessions
  • Occasionally there is a need to repossess aircraft and AP Aviation has extensive experience in this area. AP Aviation positions a team member ‘on the ground’ to report on situational changes within the airline, allowing clients to make informed decisions about whether to repossess or not. When required, AP Aviation provides assistance in the recovery of aircraft, maintenance records, storage program initiation, ferry flight, maintenance input and aircraft re-leasing.

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