DAR Team

Don Klauminzer is an experienced FAA DAR since 2008. He has vast experience and has worked in various roles. He started his carrier with Air Cal Line Maintenance in Ontario, Canada in Nov 1968 and held various positions while working with Pacific Southwest Airlines and left as Quality Mgr 1989. He has worked with United Airlines and Southern Cal Aviation-Victorville as Chief Inspector and in his last assignment he was Director of Quality for Southern California Aviation a LLC-Pratt & Whitney Joint Venture Company. He completed his – Masters Degree in Aviation Management at Whitton University.

Gina Trussell has been a DAR since Oct 2011. She has worked as a Quality Control Inspector in World Airways since May 2007 and was involved in QC Inspection of aircraft and oversight of contracted maintenance. Her responsibilities included monitoring maintenance checks, Aging Aircraft Inspections, Bridging of aircraft; correct manuals/procedures. She has handled Special Projects like the acceptance of DC-10 / 747 and coordinating regulatory requirements leading to approval for Certificate of Airworthiness. She is an experienced Maintenance Programs Analyst and has audited and revised Maintenance programs and performed Bridging audits of aircraft for Ops Specs. She has also worked with Atlantic Southwest Airline and Atlanta Turbine Management and various other organizations. She has done her M.S. in Aviation Safety and B.S. in Aviation Technology.

Michael Maley is an experienced FAA DAR since 2000 for maintenance & manufacturing. He has added to his experience while working with Grove Aircraft as a Certification Inspector and is also experienced in managing part 91 operation with DBA Trailing Edge Aviation. Michael has also worked as an instructor for FAA part 147 approved institutes. Michael is a pilot and also holds a degree in Administration of Justice/ Law enforcement.

Walter P.Tidmore is an FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative, Private Pilot & Senior Parachute Rigger with Chest and Back Ratings. He Graduated High School and went on to take his A&P course in Oklahoma City. He has amassed over 120 aviation related training courses throughout his aviation career. He started his career in April 1986 with the FAA as an Aviation Safety Inspector (Airworthiness) Responsible for Regulatory Oversight of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Part 121; 133; 135; 137 Operators; 141 flight schools; 145 Repair Stations; 125 and 91 Operators. This included the oversight of Repair Stations with Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) and Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs). After retiring in January 2010 he started consulting for DAR Services & FAA certifications/approvals.

Robert V. Cuthbertson is an FAA DAR. He started his career in 1966 with Western Airlines and was responsible for all aspects of maintenance which included turn-around service, departure performance to major over-haul. He had continuous C and D check experience on narrow body aircraft. In 1968 he joined the U.S. Air force where he managed to establish baseline hardware configuration for defensive equipment and supported the technical effort to qualify all flight line stations to full rate production and was honorably discharged. He worked as a Maintenance foreman at Marine Terminal Corp. He has a degree in Business Administration/ Management from California State University, Hayward BS.He was Director of Maintenance with Evergreen Air Center Marana, Arizona with 275 employees. He was Director of maintenance with Flagship Express. He has also worked as Manager of Checkout Operations at Rockwell International. Mr.Cuthbertson has been a consultant6 consulted for a major Leasing company on full time basis from 1998 until 2002 which includes all aspects of lease return and redelivery. Over the last 10 years he has worked as a consultant for numerous companies including GATX, ING, Fortes, Northwest Airlines, America West, CS Aviation and many others.

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