AP Aviation undertook a project with a leading financing company during the bankruptcy of a major Airline wherein 27 CRJ were repossessed. Due to the down turn of the economy the company could not recuperate the full returns from the investment where by some of the aircraft were dismantled for parts and sold in market for more than the residual value of the aircraft, resulting in profit for financing company.

AP Aviation undertook the project from Avion group for conversion of (4) B747-400 from passenger to freighter. The project was successfully completed within the timelines and awarded budget and timely delivery to next operator.

AP Aviation was awarded a contract by Bluebird Cargo Airlines for conversion of (3) B737-300 from passenger to Cargo. The turnkey project was completed well within the timeframe resulting in the savings of millions of dollars.

AP Aviation has managed D checks for Air Atlanta Icelandic (over 20 B747-200), B747-100 for Logistic Air and B747-200 for Arkia Airlines.

AP Aviation accepted (3) B777-300 freighter from Boeing on behalf of Amentum Capital Group and delivered those to Aerologic.

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